Tim Clue
Tim Clue

This corporate comedian’s Plus Power--motivating through humor--lies in his distinctive skillset. How many standup comedians do you know with a Master’s Degree in Speech and Rhetoric? And this published playwright never relies on the empty platitudes of a run-of-the-mill motivational keynote speaker. Instead, this inspirational motivational humorist and speaker (and/or host!) customizes original material for each and every event, incorporating your messages, creating dynamic, interactive presentations, every time. Be sure to check out Testimonials from Tim’s clients, who may have started out simply seeking an event speaker, but instead found this professional motivational speaker with Plus Power. As Tim often says, "If you want them to listen, tell them. If you want them to remember, make them laugh."

  • Comedic Team-Builder

    Comedians for corporate events sometimes come in and simply kick around a few well-worn routines. Tim does more. He kick-starts camaraderie with big laughs and creative, interactive elements... and he's always clean. Listen, learn and connect your team with laughs.

  • Motivation:
    A Funny Thing

    Inspirational motivational speakers are a dime a dozen. Funny inspirational motivational speakers are exceptional. Tim breaks through cliché with a bold and funny keynote about what really makes us tick. Among keynote motivational speakers, Tim stands apart.

  • Comedy Keynote

    Speaking of funny motivational speakers, how about razor sharp and ultra clean comedy entertainment customized and tailored to your profession, event theme and/or message? Be sure to ask Tim to include one of his signature team-building elements and you have yourself an unforgettable event.

  • The Vigorous Host

    This Second City-trained, always-ultra-clean comedy veteran makes events fly higher. Tim’s theatrical directing experience has helped him hone his presentation skills to a fine point. Also ask this professional speaker for help with streamlining other elements in your event.

  • For Educators

    A lifetime educator rethinks life lessons to help rebuild 21st century minds in this provocative and inspiring keynote. Not simply an education keynote speaker, Tim is an educational speaker, offering timely and impactful thoughts on learning.


Tim Facts

  • Opened for Jerry & POTUS

    Over two decades in stand-up comedy and one presidential mention! Tim has opened for both Jerry Seinfeld and George Bush, Sr., albeit in slightly different venues...

  • Coaches Fortune 500 CEOs

    Tim’s background as a speech and rhetoric professor explains his ability to be able to condense, distill, highlight and present important messages that could be left behind, but it also helps him help others with their presentations.

  • Published Author

    Tim is a published playwright and director, and his most recent published work, “Leaving Iowa,” was nominated by the Detroit Free Press for Best New Play in the US during its inaugural production at actor Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre Company.

  • YouTube Sensation

    Tim’s signature Debt material has earned him hundreds of thousands of fans (and some new “friends” in the financial world…)

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