Tim Clue
Tim Clue

"If you want them to lisen, tell them. If you want them to remember, make them laugh." —Tim Clue

Plus Power is Tim Clue's ability to Inspire and Motivate through Humor. He builds up the collective energy of your audience by jump starting key issues, all the while creating big laughs and indelible messages. For Tim Clue, humor is communication.

  • Comedic Team-Builder

    Tim kick-starts camaraderie with big laughs and creative, interactive elements... and he’s always clean. Listen, learn and connect your team with inspirational humor.

  • Motivation:
    A Funny Thing

    Talk is cheap. But true motivation takes talent. Tim breaks through cliché about what really makes us tick. Among funny motivators, Tim stands apart.

  • Comedy Keynote

    Increase the energy of the room and the impact of your messages with one of the funniest speakers in the business. Check out “Debt” and tell me I’m lying.

  • The Vigorous Host

    This Second City-trained comic + speech professor puts together all his skills to make your event dynamic, seamless and unforgettable.

  • For Educators

    “The Unlikely Teacher” is a wonderful way to reward an audience in any educational field. Tim is a lifetime educator who rethinks life lessons to help rebuild 21st century minds.


Tim Facts

  • Opened for Jerry & POTUS

    Over two decades in stand-up comedy and one presidential mention! Tim has opened for both Jerry Seinfeld and George Bush, Sr., albeit in slightly different venues...

  • Coaches Fortune 500 CEOs

    Tim’s background as a speech and rhetoric professor explains his ability to be able to condense, distill, highlight and present important messages that could be left behind, but it also helps him help others with their presentations.

  • Published Author

    Tim is a published playwright and director, and his most recent published work, “Leaving Iowa,” was nominated by the Detroit Free Press for Best New Play in the US during its inaugural production at actor Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre Company.

  • YouTube Sensation

    Tim’s signature Debt material has earned him hundreds of thousands of fans (and some new “friends” in the financial world…)

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