How a Funny Kid with Rural Roots Grew to Bring Agriculture Events to New Life

You've Never Met a Funny Agricultural Speaker Like Tim Clue


This small-town farm boy turned humorous motivator and educator is proud of his humble roots 


Tim grew up de-tasseling, bailing hay, weeding bean fields, and shoveling carrots out of a refrigerator box car for his home town’s local food processor, Del Monte.

Now a nationally recognized keynote speaker for the agriculture community, Tim gives full credit for these growth experiences as having paved his way for college and life. Tim’s hilarious yet inspiring and interactive presentation has captivated and engaged agricultural conference audiences and other gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

“Tim, you kept the audience laughing for nearly an hour… I received and continue to receive many positive comments.”

—Garst Seed Company

Tim is proud to have spoken for the Agriculture Future of America Leaders Conference, Cooperative Feed Dealers, the Illinois Farm Bureau, Syngenta Potatoes, among many, many other agricultural associations.

Find out for yourself.

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Tim has developed a dynamic compound—redefining “motivation” as Connection and Trust—creating the perfect blend of laughter, thought and inspiration for every keynote he delivers.

With a firm grasp of the attention economy in this age of acceleration, Tim’s style reflects the chaos and speed in with which we now work and live.

Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, this instructive ringleader has mastered the use of humor as a tool—compelling, unique, interactive, and fun—to bring forth inspiring and engaging experiences for conferences, conventions, management gatherings, client appreciation events, and educational in-services and staff days.

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This award-winning education speaker is reshaping schools and reforming young minds. Whether it's a Keynote, a professional staff day break outs for training and development. In-service programs, seminars, convocations, continuing education programs, or celebrations for school districts, colleges, universities and educational gatherings of all kinds. 

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Tim Clue, Motivational Speaker
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