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Tim Clue, Motivational Speaker





live introduction (For Event Day)  


live introductions: motivation a funny thing

Tim Clue sees Motivation as more of an experience than a speech. Coming to us from Chicago, Tim is an award winning educator, writer and performer; he’s opened for Jerry Seinfeld and has spoken before a former U.S. President (George H.W. Bush). Tim focuses on the Power of Connection, so get ready to experience—and collaborate—with Mr. Tim Clue!



live introductions: the unlikely teacher

(For Educators) Before he was an educator, speaker, published playwright and father, Tim was a left-handed, undiagnosed hyper-active dyslexic rug rat, raised in a rural farm town outside of Chicago.  Lucky for Tim he was okay with failing up. He’s opened for Jerry Seinfeld and spoken before a former U.S. President … please welcome this untraditional learner, educator and connector.


biography (for Pre-Promotion/program)

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biography: motivation a funny thing

Increasing trust, team and connection through laughter, This is Tim’s art form and passion. ‘We live in an attention economy, in a tangled digital age where connection, transparency, and trust is the new currency. This one of a kind Keynote speaker is an award-winning writer, educator, and comic, He’s opened for a former president, and Jerry Seinfeld you may have caught his work XM/Sirius Satellite Radio. His play “Leaving Iowa” was nominated Best New Play in the Country and is performed in theaters across U.S. and Canada.


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biography: for the unlikely teacher

Long before he was an educator, professional speaker, comic, published playwright and father, Tim was an undiagnosed hyper-active dyslexic rug rat raised in a small rural town outside of Chicago. By 24, Tim was an award winning college professor and coach of a nationally-recognized speech team. By 30 he established himself as a nationally recognized comic opening for Jerry Seinfeld and performing for a former President, George Bush Senior. By 40 Tim was published playwright. Now this transformative speaker, educator and writer is helping reshape the way educators build culture and connection for minds in the making. Tim transformed his struggles in the classroom to become the teacher he never had and now mentors a nation into rethinking our 21st century education. “We must create lifelong curious learners more capable to light the path to their own journey.




Tim Clue High-res 1

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AV Best Practices 

  1. Cordless hand-held microphone
    NO lavalier or podium mic

  2. PowerPoint Set-Up
    Screen + projector + remote

  3. Flat Bar Stool & Extra Bottled Water on Stage

  4. No stage or low stage. Ideal riser maximum 2-3”
    If stage is higher, please provide steps leading off—ideally—the front center of the stage for quick access to the audience

  5. Set-up as close to audience as possible
    No one sitting behind or to the extreme side or large gaps such as an empty dance floor

  6. Eliminate Distractions
    Tim does not perform while the audience is eating or the wait-staff is working during the presentation.