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How Top Health Care Motivational Speaker Tim Clue Fosters Growth and Change: Fun, Interaction & Connection

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The Healthcare Motivational Speaker Who Brings Fresh Air to Your Next Event


“Healthcare professionals everywhere are living in a world of change and upheaval,” empathizes humorous motivational speaker, Tim Clue. “And while I’m no expert on policy, HMOs, PPOs, pre-authorizations, claims, conversion options, managed care, or brain surgery, I have helped dozens of healthcare organizations address the many challenges faced by doctors, nurses, administrators, and board members.”

“Our health care professionals were renewed and rewarded by your funny, dynamic, and motivational experience. Thank you, Tim, for such a rewarding event.”

– Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare

Tim delivers more than you might expect from a motivational speaker. Health care people often feel overworked, under-appreciated, and are wondering where the next glimmer of inspiration will come from. Tim builds team spirit, strengthens commitment, and creates excitement.

As an acclaimed health care industry keynote speaker, he works hard to improve your audience’s response to your message, using his unique style of interactive humor to deliver more than just laughter and motivation.“My greatest inspirations have come from a vast collection of worst practices and fabulous failures.”

It’s a dynamic combination that stands alone: memorable, compelling, and fun.

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Tim has developed a dynamic compound—redefining “motivation” as Connection and Trust—creating the perfect blend of laughter, thought and inspiration for every keynote he delivers.

With a firm grasp of the attention economy in this age of acceleration, Tim’s style reflects the chaos and speed in with which we now work and live.

Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, this instructive ringleader has mastered the use of humor as a tool—compelling, unique, interactive, and fun—to bring forth inspiring and engaging experiences for conferences, conventions, management gatherings, client appreciation events, and educational in-services and staff days.