Back to School: Boosting Teachers in the Trenches


As the lazy days of summer inch their way toward the back-to-school season, I'm backing away from the kiddie pool and getting fired up for one of the busiest Augusts of my life. I'll be connecting with a slew of school districts around the country, doing my best to give teachers and administrators an energy boost as they head back into the trenches — er, classroom. My itinerary includes huddles with educators in Philadelphia, Florida, Colorado, Texas, and our good neighbors in Iowa, just to name a few. As I watch my own six-year-old find her footing in school, I'm reminded of what's true about all education: We're most likely to sustain curiosity and flow forward into our best minds when we feel connected, have a sense of trust, and know that we're part of a larger team that supports us.

Good luck to all of our mighty educators — you're still our most under-appreciated heroes, who play a magic part in the art, craft, and science of creating futures.