Chocolate, Rollercoasters and Mentorship


We made a family trip to the Chocolate Festival in Burlington, Wisconsin recently. It's basically a big carnival with the usual tilt-a-whirls plus extra chocolate on top. You take your kids and they experience the joy of picking up a rubber duck floating in a made-up circular river. If your little girl or boy picks up three ducks, they "win" and the carny gives you a stuffed animal worth a buck-fifty. But the victory! The victory is priceless.But also, this was my daughter's first roller coaster ever. She was a little bit scared and needed some encouragement — but eventually she was able to conquer her fear with a good friend by her side who'd been on this kind of ride before.

As always, the lesson is that the kind of growth that leads to new adventures requires a little bit of discomfort — but the discomfort is always easier to handle with friends and mentorship to back you up.

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