A Credit Union with a Heart of Gold

cheese mouse
cheese mouse

It's not often that you get an opportunity to connect with the people in the company after the show, but this time was an exception due to the wonderful blizzard that kept me in Wausau, Wisconsin an extra day... First, there were several team members--some of whom have been part of the Connexus Credit Union family for over 30 years--who spoke glowingly about the leadership and the company. I think that's rare and worthy of a mention.

I received maximum head nods when I suggested that most people are naturally motivated and don't need a lot of souped up chicken for the who threw my cheese mumbo gumbo... And if we spent more time examining what un-motivates the well-motivated, we'd probably be closer to solving the real issues at hand.

When I tossed this theory out, one lady actually said, out loud, "Uh huh."

She got a bigger laugh than I ever did.

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