Powering Up Educators at the RenWeb Power Conference 2016


I had some amazing conversations last week with some very cool and thoughtful K-8 school administrator types, after I finished up on stage at the RenWeb Power Conference 2016 in Miami, organized by RenWeb School Management Software. I always giggle to myself when I do these kinds of presentations because if there was a time machine I'd certainly have been on the troubled kid watch for every one of these lovely educators, or in their office staring at the clock waiting to hear, "I'm not quite sure what to do with you." A question that it took me 40 years to even begin to come up with a few answers for — and most of those answers still don't work.

Sorry, Mr. Hicks (my 8th grade principal and a good, kind man) ... I wish I'd had a better answer.

Photo: "Trust this adventure!" Tim Clue onstage with participants at the RenWeb Power Conference 2016, via RenWeb on Twitter.