Expectations vs. Reality


I use this slide in many of my presentations. I don’t attempt to explain, add, or say anything profound about it as I’ve always felt it’s self-explanatory and a simple reminder of the obvious. That’s why I like it. However, after the show I’ve had a few favorite reactions from participants. Feel free to add your own.

Audience member: You know, I start every day on the squiggly side.

Audience member: Is this a famous piece of art? Tim: I’m not sure, what are you willing to pay for it?

Audience member: Can you forward that slide to me, I’d like to share it with my teenager. Tim: Oh, you think it will help? Audience member: Yeah, forget it.

Audience member: That slide with the straight line and then the maze ... that one really spoke to me. We connected. Tim: That’s great. Why? Audience member: I have no idea.