Harry Potter and the Swanky AgCollege Hotel


Next on my gig calendar: heading down to Florida for this year's edition of Mosaic AgCollege. As emcee, I'll be playing host, energizer bunny and agricultural maître d' ushering folks into the event at the swanky Portofino Bay Hotel. (How swanky? It's the kind of hotel where you can take a little boat right from the hotel to Universal Studios. Which should give me even more chances to get mistaken for Harry Potter than usual. Free passes maybe?) Mosaic AgCollege focuses on the always-interesting topic of future trends in agriculture. As a kid who grew up in downstate Illinois, I baled hay for my father's friend Chuck, I pulled weeds in a bean field, and I shoveled carrots out of a refrigerated boxcar. I think this qualifies me as ag-conference hosting material.

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