From Mississippi to Maine: Two Amazing Social Services Organizations


I had two incredible experiences this week, doing back-to-back gigs for two amazing social services organizations in two different states. I got the opportunity to bring laughter and connection to the annual gatherings of both the Children's Advocacy Centers of Mississippi and Penquis – Helping Today Building Tomorrow in Maine. And I had the chance to once again see what heroes these folks are, and learn about the kind of good work they're doing on an everyday basis. CACM works on behalf of abused and neglected kids. Penquis assists low-income people with all sorts of challenges, from heating assistance to services for seniors to health care for kids.

I probably don't have to tell you that times are tough — and when the waters get choppy, we need these folks out there in the trenches more than ever.

So based on that, I'm unofficially declaring this Give Your Social Services Person a Hug, or Fist Bump, or Piece of Pie ... Week. Yes, pie seems appropriate. Pie makes me happier, gives me strength in difficult times. Just like our social services heroes, as profiled above.

Wait, I'm changing my mind. A week isn't enough. These people deserve a month or even a whole year of our deep appreciation — and better yet, our support.