New Conference Opener Idea


So here’s something I’ve been working on this year that I’m finally ready to put a name to: Tim Clue’s Conference KickStart. Think Tetrus meets Angry Birds meets Tony Robbins Fire Walk With Me (minus the hot feet). I use my ability as a host, comic, teacher and presenter to spark interaction and open a dialogue that complements your event’s tone and message. The challenge in creating a kick start that doesn’t just “open” a conference but “sparks” it, utilizes all of my skills as a comic, teacher, host, improv specialist and part-time event counselor and therapist. I expedite conversations, reboot and sustain your attendees’ energy, and create an open dialogue that can endure throughout a long day—or three days—of brain-busting break-outs and pointless and powerless PowerPoints. (YOUR PowerPoints aren’t powerless—I was talking about those OTHER guys.)

Here are a few of the elements I might include:

Zodiac Probability Mind Bender: Reflecting on how you think about your birthday is a way to access your “authenticator,” set workplace expectations, and boost consistency, helping you and your people be the truest and most productive selves in the office.

Save the World, Save Your Company: Just keep the balls in the air in this special take on the game of hot potato and you’ll see how your associates handle cooperation, process, problem solving, critical thinking  and listening.

Stand Up / Remain Standing: Get to know the really important stats of your people, such as Who plays in a band? Who has a lead foot? Who spends too much time on Facebook? Who’s hit a deer with their car? and many more essential data points.

And there are lots more, like the Improv Synergy Sentence, Aerobic Fun Fact Finder and the Two Minute Team-Building Critical Thinking Game (a.k.a. The Game Whose Title Takes Longer to Say Than the Game Does to Play).

To reiterate, I’ll create a pitch-perfect environment to optimize your conference chemistry and increase the stickiness of your message and its messengers. Through a seamless combination of ultra-clean, customized humor, quickie team-building activities, cleverly mixed in with some original white collar improv, I’ve stumbled upon a way to bring out my own message of laughter, all the while lifting up your clients, employees, managers, or what have you, setting the pace and the space for on-going interaction and participation in your conference, convention, or retreat.

I’m so excited I wish I had a conference I could hire me for.