Sacked Out


Here’s a fun creative game I came up with for a digital marketing agency recently. Their CEO was stressing over an important presentation. He wanted that extra zip-zap-pow factor but nothing was coming. So I got out my handy-dandy hacky sack and had their team get in a circle and start tossing it around. No fancy footwork, just a toss. 2013 05-15 Hacky SackA minute later I asked them to answer this question: “What makes this company better, unique or different?” As the hacky sack traveled around, everyone took their shot. The responses were all over the place — words like “fun,” “unpredictable,” or “not critical,” to less-obvious choices like “musical” and “Tiki Bar.”

The next day the CEO relayed both the story and its outcomes to big laughs and rave reviews. So simple, right? My takeaway: Create experiences that feed into the truth of your company and you create something lasting, valuable… and not boring.

Tim Clue