Throwback Thursday


Something for Throwback Thursday: An old Tribune article about my standup and theater work (with Marco Benassi) from back at the end of the 20th century... "Standup Tim Clue Likes To Be Theatrical." Allow me to quote myself:

"When you write standup and perform standup," he explains, "you are writing and performing every day, and that helps you understand all aspects of writing. And I would never, ever give it up, just because it's the great tutor. It's an unbelievable teacher of stage and of craft and of language."

And I still believe it today. I still hit the clubs once in a while—just like Jerry Seinfeld (well, okay, except people don't wait in line to see me in a 1000-seat theater… well, not often) — to keep my hand in, and, as Jerry says in this recent Washington Post article, “There’s something about comedy — when you make someone laugh, it really feels like you’ve made the world just a tiny bit better. It just feels so worth the effort.”


I not only agree with that on a personal level, but for my corporate events as well. Connecting through comedy. It could be my most truthful motto, in life and work.

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