“We are more uniquely connected and simultaneously disconnected than at any time in history.

-Tim Clue


Let wellness, super-conductor and funny super-connector, reboot your team's wellness with engagement and laughter!

Laughter is an important piece of the wellness puzzle we all seek to crack the code on, but wellness is so much more...

“We all know the benefits of a calm mind, body, and spirit, yet we rarely achieve this in today’s chaotic workplace. When we establish deeper connections, the health of self and others abounds! Tim Clue is a natural funny-bone connector of teams as a means to wellness and the perfect placebo for your next Wellness meeting.”

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With laughter, Tim helps groups experience, in real-time, what medical experts research and theorize to death.  Let Tim Clue come in and turn wellness into a highly engaging, fun interactive experience.

Experience Wellness and Motivation with Funny Keynote speaker Tim Clue.