Talking with My Friend Scott Dikkers on His Podcast, "How to Write Funny"

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My friend Scott Dikkers co-founded and was editor of the comedy juggernaut known as The Onion. Scott has one of the most talented and prolific comedy minds I know.

These days, among his other various projects, Scott hosts a podcast called "How to Write Funny" where he talks with comedians about comedy writing and related topics — and I was honored to be his guest not too long ago.

Event professionals, you might find this of interest. Because for this episode, Scott was interested in talking about the journey I went on as a comedian — making a transition from standup to the business speaking world.

And along the way, we discuss some of the ins and outs of what makes for a good business event speaker.

Check it out via the link below:

“How to Write Funny” Podcast, Episode 30: Tim Clue


In addition to appearing as a motivational speaker for business events of all kinds, Tim Clue is available as an education keynote speaker and a healthcare keynote speaker .

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