5 Corporate Entertainment Ideas to Make Your Event a Hit

The team that plays together works better together. Looking for exciting ideas for entertainment at your next corporate event, or activities to help your employees get to know each other? You'll have to get a little creative to engage everyone at your next conference, so here are a few ideas.

Ideas for Corporate Fun

Just because you're planning a work event doesn't mean you can't plan an exciting and memorable one. The best corporate events allow workers to get to know one another, let loose and work on teambuilding, all while having a great time. Read on for five great ideas to use for your next corporate gathering. 

1. Bring on the Laughs with a Funny Keynote Speaker

Why not turn your next corporate gathering into a trip to the comedy club, with a side of inspiration? As far as interactive corporate event ideas go, bringing in a corporate comedian as a guest keynote speaker is an excellent way to liven the mood and encourage your team to have fun. Comedians for corporate events, like Tim himself, know how to bring people together and get them to find common ground through humor. 

2. Put on a Live Concert

Hosting a concert for your team is a definite way to change the game when it comes to your corporate events. Bring in a local or internationally known musician to play a few songs at your next event. As far as teambuilding events go, this idea is certainly one they'll never forget. 

3. Invite Your Team to a Carnival

Who says carnivals are just for kids? This whimsical take on corporate entertainment is a great way to bring fun to your next event. With a carnival-themed gathering, you can bring your team closer together as they enjoy all of the features, rides, and foods of a typical carnival. 

4. Put on a Pop-Up Event

Pop-ups are a creative way to spice things up for corporate events. Choose a pop-up idea that allows people to experience different things. Invite a local brand or restaurant to bring their wares to the event. Whether it's food, clothes, or electronic equipment, everyone at the event will get a kick out of trying something new. 

5. Set Up Art Installations with Food

Art installations are becoming a popular trend for corporate conferences. Include your own take on this trend at your next event by doing a food art installation. Brainstorm ideas like decorating the bar with edible art, having an Italian ice sculpture at the tables, or any similar artsy food idea of your own. To keep it interactive, make sure all the installations are accessible and safe to eat. 

Keep the fun going throughout your next work-related gathering by getting creative. Use these five ideas to bring your team closer together and give them an event they'll never forget. Above all, if you need a guest speaker, keep Tim Clue in mind.

Tim Clue