Using an Education Keynote Speaker for Teacher Motivation

The joy of motivating teachers through interactive, educational presentations is something Tim has experienced time and time again. A funny motivational keynote speaker for teachers during teacher in-service days can inspire and boost the morale of veteran teachers while easing the nervousness of the new teachers before they enter the onslaught of new students entering the classroom. 

When you consider the early, unforgiving hours, 35-50 expectant faces changing every 45 minutes with staring eyes waiting to be entertained, and well-meaning administrators and parents evaluating the delivery of every little piece of information… the world of teaching can seem harsh. Did I mention, the time away from those expectations is limited to 45 minutes a day in a seven and a-half hour period?

Welcome to the world of education. It’s no wonder teacher motivation is such a big topic! It’s an important topic, too, because teacher motivation impacts student outcomes.

Most educators have an intrinsic motivation for the profession they have chosen. The energy, creativity, and persistence with a goal in mind are the driving forces for them to continue the process of instructing more than 125 students each day for more than 185 days of the year. Great teachers have a deep desire to excite and motivate students to explore the world, to understand their importance in society, and to inspire them to have far-reaching goals and aspirations.

But this isn’t enough to keep everyone going. Support from the administration impacts the success of the teacher through extrinsic motivational factors such as rewards, evaluations, and positive recognition. Teachers need consistent appreciation to keep moving forward, and that can include having uplifting, productive teacher in-service days. Teachers learn by example as well as by motivation - so if a teacher is inspired by another through in-service programs, then the impact will be carried into the classroom.

With the correct combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors, the year can be successful for the students, teachers, and administration.

Tim Clue