Eyebrows and POTUS 41


eyebrowsPossible sign you're getting older: When you go get a haircut and you think you're almost done ... and then the stylist says, "Would you like your eyebrows trimmed?" And the eyebrows take longer than the hair. The motivational speaker business is a bit like like this, too. One day you're a kid out of grad school, teaching Speech and Rhetoric to a classroom full of pimply freshman at a local college, the next day you're a standup comedian on the road performing at the Chuckle Hut in Minot, North Dakota, and the next you're emceeing the annual convention of the Casket & Funeral Supply Association...

I grew into this career, and before I knew it I was opening for a former U.S. President before 3,000 people.

Do you think President Bush asked the makeup person to trim his eyebrows before he went on?Bush Background 8 NEW ed

(You'll have to squint to see him... this is about as close as I would ever get to a President. But he did ask the Secret Service to help me off stage.)

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