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Scholastic: A Clued-In Organization That Brings Kids Literacy, Learning, and a Big Red Dog

This past Sunday I did a keynote presentation for Scholastic at their national sales meeting here in Chicago. It was an exciting gig to do: Scholastic books were in every classroom even when I was a little kid decades ago (its roots go back to 1920), and Scholastic as an organization continues to be a central player in guiding our nation's schools toward increasing literacy of all kinds through publishing, book clubs, writing awards, you name it.

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Bullying, Broken Hearts, and the Banana Splits: How Teachers Mend What's Been Broken

I have a couple of stories to tell you about bullying and broken hearts, and the teachers who know how to mend them. But I'll start by saying bravo to Kindergarten teacher Shannon Grimm of Willis ISD in Texas, who adopted a new hairstyle in order to express solidarity with one of her students — a little girl whose cute 'do and bows had drawn teasing and bullying from her peers. 

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Talking with the Mental Health Care Bears at the AAMFT 2018 Annual Conference

There's a first time for everything. Personally, I’d never spoken to a group of 900 therapists and counselors before. Now I have. Most of us talk to therapists one at a time, if at all, and we're usually sitting down. But I just got home from doing my keynote appearance for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, at the AAMFT 2018 Annual Conference. No couch, just a microphone and my slides.

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Gap-Fillers of the World, I Salute You! (A Story from Back-to-School 2018)

You probably don't know this, but it's Gap-Filler Appreciation Day. No, don't panic — no cards or flowers required. Just a quick story from my "Back to School" tour last month. As I've mentioned before, I always look forward to going on a whirlwind tour of school districts around the country when August rolls around, meeting with teachers and administrators to help them get fired up for the new school year.

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